Please call or email for all enquires on prices for hiring of the lights and audio.

The Brightlight PK-UV400 is the ultimate UV black light effect light for your venue, stage, or event! Comprising of a professional UV cannon with heavy duty construction, and ultra reflective backing for maximum output, and is supplied with a high-powered 400W black light globe for plug and play use right out of the box.
The UV400 pack is the perfect black light projector for for next UV party or event. It works great when using fog. It can fuel your passion and greatly increase atmosphere.

Led UV Effect Par Can Light.This UV light is perfect for family night, birthday party, house party and also up-lighting for wedding, stage floor and disco. Combine with a fog machine and strobe. It can fuel your passion and greatly increase  atmosphere.

UV-60 Complete fluorescent with starter and UV tube. Great black light effect that allows neon, fluorescent materials and colours to glow. All you need to do is just plug in play. It works great when using fog. It can fuel your passion and greatly increase atmosphere.

A 1500 Watt ultra bright strobe light with adjustable speed and brightness control. Perfect for large sized areas for Parties, Function and outside area.

Light Emotion Led Bar. A 1 mtr wash light RGB 384 Leds can be used for various function. Washing walls for back drop on Bridal table, side fill or up lighting  on stages or dancefloors.  May be used as single or connect more to give you the distance you require.

12`` Nutec MP3 Active Speaker 600w
The Nutec XT-12 is perfect for PA setups, DJ`s, karaoke, and suitable for all parties. You can play and control your device with the on board mp3 player, USB, SD Card. Microphone Input - 1/4`` Jack or Balanced XLR, line input RCA.
Led effect light T5018, Small effective led lighting for those small to medium rooms with autorun and sound acative. RGB in colour with round effect.

B212D Powered Speak. Just with one speaker or two a mic and mp3 player you have an instant party. Plug in your sound source with leads supplied either on a table or speaker stand, turn on the power and turn it up, 12" 500w  mic/line input, xlr jacket to connect additional speaker. You are already thinking about your next party.

High-power 200w 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system for live, playback, and Speaking.Ultra-low noise Mic/Line input with Volume control and Clip LED for addressing a small meeting. Plug in your speaker, place on a tabletop or stand, and power up.

Moon Flower + Laser Red and Green + S500 Smoke Machine package. Kids wishing to have a party and you need a small light show. When you combine these three together you have awesome  astonishing effect, combined with a single speaker.


The Acme LED Stormbird is equipped with a single high power LED, which reflects off 4 mirrors through a rotating 3-sided prism, this produces a vast range of sharp coloured beams creating highly energized gobo effects that cover a very wide area. Plug and play room filling effect.

2 Channel USB Mixer

Skytec mixer with USB port  to connect stick with mp3 files. Featuring line/phono inputs and master, 3 band EQ, mic and headpnone jacket. Ideal to add to the B212D powered speaker for that extra control for tablet or laptop.

Moonflower Disco Effect has an awesome lead light display for your function and fill up the room whether  for a wedding, school disco or pub. With 7 LED cluster beams, speed adjustable, strobe effect  and sound activated look no further.  4 Colours Red, Blue, Green and White.

Having a party or function, few extra friends and need a bit more sound and to DJ yourself, With 2 x B52 speakers 300 watt, 1 x amp and a 2 channel mixer and plug in your own laptop or tablet, this is for you. Add some lighting, effect machines and mic and starting spinning some tunes. 

Conditions  Apply.

2 Head Dualmoon Light produces a awesome effect with colours red, blue and green. Easy plugin and sound activate will fill the dancefloor with plenty of light to give you that great effect.

Showtec Compact Par QUAD 7 Q4 LED Wash Light (7 x RGBW) may be used for various function, washing walls for back drop on Bridal table, side fill or up lighting on stages or dancefloors. RGBW 4-in1 Colormix

Stay Tuned  ( More Still To Come )