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Foam machine can produce a great mount of foam in a second to create a great atmosphere where people can enjoy themselves. It is applicable for events, school functions, corporate functions, pubs, clubs and private party. Combine this with any Audio, Lighting, DJ and let the party begin.
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A 1200w smoke machine with excellent smoke production, supplied with remote control. Suitable for varies types of functions. Various smoke scent available to add a plesant smell to the smoke effect.

V1 Fogger, Small format smoke machine capable of continuous smoke output.  Dense smoke effect for special effect, parties and small events. Includes remote control.

Z30 Bubble Machine, with an output of about 3000 bubble per minute will send the bubbles10mtr away. This machine is ideal for outdoor events, parties and indoor functions. Included remote with timer or continuous operation.

Z30 Bubble Machine

Beamz B500 Bubble Machine

Beamz  500 LED. A light weight bubble machine that changes colour is all you need for your next house party or function. Generating big bubbles throught the room, while the unique transparent casing changes colour to RGB for that  extra effect.

Beamz 500 Led Bubble Machine

Beamz ice700 Ice Fogger Machine. Low lying smoke machine that uses ice and smoke fluid to creat a low hanging mist the creeps across the floor. Perfect for that great effect for weddings and parties wanting to add that liitle bit extra.

Beamz ICE700 Ice Fogger

Snow machine 600j, jet of snow consists of small dense foam balls which float majestically to the ground like real snow to create an artificial blanket on the ground. Once it lands the snow slowly dissipates leaving a light residue and unlike fog or smoke it will not trigger smoke detectors.

Z10 Bubble Machine, Ideal for parties, weddings, schools, play rooms, clubs, anywhere really! Especially when kids are around - bubbles keep them amused for hours! A large 1L tank and double bubble wheel ensures maximum bubble output for the longest time possible.